Technology Amazon's 'The Hub' is a delivery locker for residential buildings

Amazon already has lockers in various public locations that you can use to receive packages, but it's now offering a more private option for multi-tenant dwellings. The e-commerce titan has launched a new service that offers to install "Hubs" in condos, apartment buildings and complexes for use exclusively by people who live there. Once it's installed, Amazon doesn't care who uses it for delivery -- you can use it to receive parcels from other websites, retailers and even from your relatives.

The Hub is meant to solve a common problem for tenants in residential buildings, especially those with no concierge or frequently open management offices. It's always accessible, always open and isn't exclusive to Amazon packages. To access a box, simply type in your passcode on the Hub's touchscreen panel.

Based on the service's official website, landlords can customize a Hub for their properties. The locker has an indoor and an outdoor version and is available in four colors and several sizes, starting at 6-foot wide. If you're determined to convince your landlord to get one, point them to the Hub's portal to submit an application.